My vision

A world where disabled people can achieve their career dreams and ambitions, and not be constrained by attitudinal or physical barriers that prevent them getting into and staying in work.

A world where businesses see disabled people as a valuable asset, bringing different perspectives and thinking to their organisation, and not seeing them through the lens of charity or corporate social responsibility.

What’s in it for an employer?

A workplace where people can be themselves, be engaged and be brilliant at what they do will deliver increased productivity, reduced sickness absence and increased customer/stakeholder value.

A workplace that is flexible and inclusive will help attract talent from the broadest possible pool and retain that talent, saving money in recruitment fees and re-skilling.

Understanding and removing barriers to disabled people will help remove them for everybody else… so what's not to like?

How do I help?

I have over 15 years experience in understanding how disability impacts employment and a proven track record in creating change, particularly in implementing efficient, effective and sustainable workplace adjustment processes which are a critical component of an inclusive workplace.

I’d love to help your organisation too and together we can achieve another step towards a barrier-free and inclusive world for disabled people. Please read more about me and the services I provide.